How Do I set up a water account?

A Water Meter Application must be filled out at the Town Office or online and returned to the Town Office

Is There A Connection Fee?

Property Owners do not need to pay a connection fee. Renters must pay a deposit of $100 or $150 depending on the size of meter in the house. 

What happens to the deposit if I move?

When a renter moves out of the house they are renting, the deposit is applied against the final bill and if there is a credit, a refund cheque is issued. 

Why is my water bill so high?


  • plumbing leaks in toilets or faucets
  • an increase of the number of people in the household
  • watering lawns and gardens in the summer months

Common Cause of Water Leaks

What are the rates?

  • Water - $19.00/1000 gallons
  • Sewer - $24.00
  • Waste (garbage & recycle carts) - $22.00
  • Utility Infrastructure Levy - $19.00

When are utility bills due?

The due date is printed on each utility bill, the last day of each month. Interest of 2%/month is charged on any overdue accounts.