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Mayor & Council

Rosthern's current Mayor and Council were officially sworn in on November 16, 2020 following the municipal election held on November 9, 2020.


The Town of Rosthern is governed by 1 mayor and 6 elected council members. Those elected serve a 4 year term, and have the opportunity to run for election for an limited number of terms. The elected officials make community decisions while considering the best interests of the local residents.

Mayor Dennis Helmuth

I’m currently in my third term as Mayor of Rosthern.  Previously I served as Councillor, being first elected in 1997. I enjoy staying physically active, reading, birding, gardening, my family, and more!

I have been part of many municipal projects and improvements in the Town of Rosthern: a new town office, firehall and town shop, new swimming pool, and waste water infrastructure, etc. As Mayor I believe Rosthern is well located, offers excellent services, has professional municipal staff, vibrant businesses, and wonderful residents.  With these attributes, Rosthern’s future is very bright.

Councillor Colin Aebig

I have lived in Rosthern for 41 years, raising a family of 3 with my wife Laurie. I am semi-retired and operate a small seasonal business. Previously, I was employed for 34 years with the Town of Rosthern as Outside Superintendent.

Moving forward, it will be a very exciting time for our next Council. This community will attract many visitors and is a place we can all be proud to call home. I enjoyed representing the citizens of Rosthern with their concerns and input.
Councillor Kevin Graham
I have lived in Rosthern for 9 years with my wife and 2 children. My background is in construction and I travel for work so I have an excellent comparison for other communities across the province. 

I look forward to representing the people of Rosthern as we come into some big improvements that will require all types of expertise at the Council table.

Councillor Emily Hand

I’ve lived in Rosthern over half my life, working, and raising a family with my husband. We have 3 kids and bought a home in Rosthern in 2009, where I base all my business. I am a full-time mother and provider from the land, growing large gardens, hunting, and gathering. 

I love Rosthern, it’s hardly necessary to leave! A community brimming with this much opportunity needs strong voices. I care about the future of our little community and want to speak for those who will see that future in Rosthern, our young people.

Councillor Blaine Krentz

My wife Laurie and I have lived in Rosthern for over 14 years and have enjoyed the move from the big city life to small town Saskatchewan. I am quick to help a neighbor and of course, Laurie in keeping their yard looking oh so good. In my free time, I enjoy restoring old vintage radios, geocaching, and making jewelry out of recycled flatware/silverware along with Laurie.

I have experience in Supervision, Management, Contracts, Design, and preparation of Tenders which will bring a knowledge base to serve in Council.

Councillor Brett Knoll
I have lived in Rosthern the majority of my life. My wife and I have raised three children in the community and they love it as much as we do. I have experience in Mechanical Engineering which will bring knowledge to help with my service to Council.

Rosthern is a great town, full of opportunities and I want to help further its steady growth.

See the Council Minutes link, to learn about meetings, read minutes, and much more.