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Strategic Plan

Rosthern Town Council and the Administration team took part in a strategic planning session held on March 13, 2021, facilitated by HMC Management Inc.  From this session, the following Vision, Mission, and Values statements were developed and adopted by Council.

Town of Rosthern Vision 2025

” A progressive Rosthern will continue to be a safe and inclusive community built on a foundation of strategic and sustainable growth.”

Town of Rosthern Mission Statement 2021

The purpose of the Town of Rosthern Council is to provide sustainable programs and services that create a positive environment that meets the needs of our community.”

Town of Rosthern Values


Council is open and will take into consideration the views and interests of others when making decisions.

Fiscal Responsibility

We continually balance our financial capabilities with the needs of our residents to ensure long-term growth and prosperity to our community with the flexibility to deal with change.      


We conduct municipal business in a sound and ethical manner, while continually evaluating and anticipating current and future needs.        

Service Excellence

We will continually strive for excellence in the delivery of municipal services.           


We strive to ensure open and transparent communication to community residents, businesses and employees.              


We are committed to working together with other governments, businesses and organizations to provide our residents with mutually beneficial services.

Willing Regional Partner              

We cannot live in isolation of our municipal and First Nation neighbors and will strive for the betterment of our entire region.               


We are committed to encouraging innovation in the development and delivery of programs, services and processes. We anticipate change and capitalize on the many opportunities that arise.    


We respect the rights and beliefs of our Councillors, our staff and our community and commit to treating them with the highest degree of dignity and equality. 

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to helping everyone in our community understand the value of acting in an environmentally responsible way and finding a balance between environment and our economy.